Expanded IT Solutions Through our V-Soft Merger

I am pleased to announce that Palace Gate has merged with V-Soft Consulting, an award-winning IT staffing and solutions company with an excellent track record. Even though you’ll be seeing some name changes our clients, candidates, and employees will continue to receive the same high-quality experience they've come to expect. 

I started Palace Gate Corporation in 2006 at my dining room table, with James, and we had nothing except for a telephone, a laptop, a Windows server and the desire to create a company to service Chicago better than any other organization. A few months later we hired our first full-time employee, and soon after that moved from the dining room into a corporate office space that we still are in today. I started Palace Gate because I saw a need in the industry to be a full-service provider to clients, which we are expanding upon with V-Soft. The only difference is that we're adding new capabilities. I believe this is more than a merger, it’s an evolution.

One thing I admired about Purna, V-Soft President, was his similar beginnings to ours at V-Soft Consulting. When he founded the company in 1997, V-Soft Consulting was a small consulting company; today it employs more than 1,000 people all over the world. In leading Palace Gate through our merger with V-Soft, I am excited to expand our family beyond Chicago and offer more services to our clients.

People First, Now and Forever

Something I love about V-Soft is their commitment to being a people first company. When we found out Purna was interested in acquiring Palace Gate, we were a little hesitant, but I went in with an open mind to what V-Soft was all about, and felt great after that first meeting with Purna.

From their employees to clients, V-Soft treat’s people the way a company should treat people, rather than what is easiest. V-Soft employees are a family, much like our own Palace Gate family.

From our first meeting, I could see that Purna Veer was very smart, incredibly compassionate, and a highly-effective leader. I got the feeling that he really puts his people first.

As we expand into a member of V-Soft’s family, our focus will be on remaining one team. It was important then, it’s important now, and will be important as we move into a bright new future with V-Soft. 

More IT Services to Love

Through becoming a part of V-Soft Consulting, we are able to offer even more to our clients. V-Soft’s mature offerings expand our services beyond conventional IT Staffing. This allows us to offer the latest business solutions to Chicago area businesses. Here’s just some of what we’re bringing to the table with V-Soft

This merger with V-Soft adds the ability to provide local businesses with access to the highest quality, focused IT practice solutions at a cost that won’t break the bank.

IT Staffing Done Better Than Ever

Our approach is the same: match the right people with the right opportunity. V-Soft offers a broader reach for talent and around-the-clock recruiting to help your business succeed.

V-Soft President Purna Veer enjoys lunch at Maggiano's in Chicago with Bari Pritchett and Gaby Arias while getting to know the new Chicago IT staffing team.

V-Soft President Purna Veer enjoys lunch at Maggiano's in Chicago with Bari Pritchett and Gaby Arias while getting to know the new Chicago IT staffing team.

Innovation Through Technology

Intelligence, compassion and innovation are the keys to being an effective leader: you can’t lead without a breath of innovation, especially in a technology-centered space. I really feel like that’s who Purna is; he’s keeping up with the latest and greatest ways V-Soft can support new technologies. That’s one of the great things about V-Soft; the push for innovation in technology which helps our clients become leaders in their industry.

Visit our Chicago family page to check out our team and the expanded services we’re providing to Chicago business for IT services, staffing and solutions.

About Sally Martin

Based out of Chicago, Sally founded palace Gate which provides IT staffing solutions for the greater Chicago area. In 2016 Palace Gate merged with V-Soft to create a bigger, more productive family. Sally is now the Chicago Market Director for the global IT services Company, V-Soft Consulting. In her free time, Sally enjoys rooting for the Chicago Bulls, mountain biking and Thai food.